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thats-so-bangin: Hey Nomii! I'm Erin, from today, you probably don't remember me, from Dissh with all my friends bombarding the changing rooms for a good 10-15 minutes. Thank you so much for helping me! As soon as i get paid I'm making sure to come in! Those flower crowns that you are selling are gorgeous! Do you think it is appropriate to wear one to a wedding, since it is generally something the bride or flower girl would wear? Your blog is such a big inspiration and help too! Erin xx

Hi beautiful girl!
Yes it’s appropriate :) id just make sure to wear something quite vibrant to go with it do you’re not mistaken for the wedding party!

"I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become."
- Carl JungĀ  (via mermaidcunt)

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Anonymous: i like you so much, your my daily dose of inspiration. you pick me up when i feel down, yet ive never met you. I want to become a better person inside and out because of you, im glad you exist your such a beautiful person nomii<3

You made me smile xxx

Anonymous: You're amazing nomii ann! I just read through your weight loss journey for the first time, every last bit of it! You are without a doubt the most inspiring person i've seen. You're one of those people to remember, i come into dissh often, infact sometimes i just come in and try stuff on just to be in the presence of you're bubbly and incredible personality. You can go so far in life, and you can do so much that you want, because there is something beautiful that shines from you. <3

I love you!!!

Anonymous: Go back to doing thin eyebrows you looked amazing!!!!!!!!

They’re thinner now xx